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Rinie's verhaal
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Rinie van de Kerkhof-Janssen

Audio excerpt transcribed:

My name is Rinie Janssen, we used to live near the factory. My father was Janssen's boss. He worked at Teeuwen for more than 50 years and we had a wonderful time there as children.


For example, if we needed our father,and he was in the factory. Nowadays they have cell phones, but back then we had a klaxon, or a toot as they called it back then. Then we had to press the key “short long short” and he came.


There was a very large chimney next to the house, when we put papers in it, which we weren't actually allowed to do, but yes, every now and then we were naughty and we pushed newspapers into it and they came out above. 

And when a thunderstorm hit us on top of the chimney, where we pushed those pieces of paper into, our lights went out. Then father had to go into the factory because otherwise we would be in the dark and we would have to turn in some kind of fuse.


We used to wash once a week, nowadays we jump in the shower, but then we didn't have a shower, we went in a large zinc tub, but yes, that was a lot of work, 

Hot water had to be made on the stove and a lot of water went into that bowl.

Washing in the factory was a convenience, so they didn't have to do anything at home.

Janssen family summer 1948

Jan, Har, Nellie, Rinie and Els.

Baas Janssen

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