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The artwork that Cindy designed and executed symbolizes the vibrant relationship between the municipality and its residents. Located on Vincent van Goghstraat in Reuver, it is a monument that transcends time and embodies the essence of community.

With her artwork, Cindy has emphasized the significance of the residents for the municipality. After all, without them the community could not exist. The artwork invites reflection on the role that individuals play in shaping the community and its identity.

Location: Vincent van Goghstraat, Reuver.


The project that Cindy started in Beesel is a wonderful example of connecting heritage, education and art. By exploring the history of the old stoneware factory and the clayware industry, not only the cultural heritage of the municipality of Beesel is preserved, but also the stories of the workers and their families are kept alive.

What is special about this project is the way Cindy put the workers "in the picture". By making their stories visible and portraying them in words and images, their role in the history of the municipality is honored. Moreover, the work of art was completely realized with materials released during the demolition of the old ovens. This not only emphasizes the sustainable aspect of the project, but also the creativity and inventiveness of Cindy and her team.

The result of this project is not only a work of art, but also a valuable educational experience for the students, engaging them with the heritage of their community and the stories of their ancestors

Location: Keulseweg 36, Reuver.


The work of art was presented to deputy Hubert Mackus of the province of Limburg on the occasion of the completion of the restoration phase of the Greswarenfabriek in Reuver. The work of art is made from the last clay from the old factory, where clay pipes, smoke hoods and teapots were once produced. These elements are clearly recognizable in the artwork.

The print is a technical drawing of a clay pipe, while the teapot is cast from an original mold from the factory from the 1950s. These works of art are fired at 1240 degrees Celsius.


Location: Keulseweg 36, Reuver.


The Dragon Tail is the result of a special collaboration between the municipality of Beesel and the Draakteken Foundation, with the aim of creating a work of art that would be embraced by both the art committee and the residents. The work of art, unlike most stately statues, invites interaction: people can sit on the tail and climb in the curves, while benches have been created on both sides for rest and contemplation.

The unique design of the Dragon Tail is the result of the creative collaboration between Leonne van Deuzen and Cindy Heldens. Together they designed the contours of the tail, with an eye for both aesthetics and functionality. The implementation of the benches was made possible by the skills and expertise of contractor and mason Wim Meerts and Jan van den Heurik, who were closely involved in the realization of the artwork.

This collaboration makes the Dragon's Tail not only a visually attractive work of art, but also a lively and inviting meeting point for the community of Beesel.


Location: Monsieur Thelenstraat, Beesel.


humam nature foto 2.JPG

An intriguing mix of glass and ceramics has been used for the works of art for the Limburg water board, in which Cindy has brought to life the essence of both the pollution and the beauty of pure water. Some works have a surprising twist: they contain elements of pollution that unfortunately end up in our water, such as batteries, condoms and wipes. But at the same time there are other works of art that highlight the pure beauty of water, using glass as a medium to symbolize clarity and purity.

The ceramic wall reliefs tell a different story, with the focus on the company's cultural competencies. It is remarkable that the employees themselves served as models for these works of art.
Their hands and faces served as inspiration for the molds, after which the ceramic panels were composed of prints from these molds.

This approach not only gives the works of art a personal touch, but also strengthens the bond between the company and its employees. The result is a series of impressive works that are not only visually appealing, but also convey a deeper meaning about the relationship between people, water and the importance of preserving our precious natural resources.

Location: Limburg Water Board, Roermond.

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